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Rentro is a dress rental system developed by jura systems to solve the problem of dress booking that shop owners have to keep multiple booking registers.

No Books, only one simple app

Businesses that are simple to manage are the ones that thrive in long run

keep hassle away from your business and focus more of revenue.

Developed for fast growingn businesses of any scale to give them an edge over others .

  • Super simple to manage all bookings and returns.
  • automated return whatsapp to customer.
  • daily product list for recieving and booking.
  • multi role staff for shops.

Designed to make life of a dress rental owner easier. He should be able to manage multiple staff, orders , bookings and receivings without mixing orders and that is where Rentro.io comes into play.

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Getrentro.com Features

Rentro provides exclusive features to its business users that can help them grow fast and get more revenue.

Super simple and Blazing Fast

No books ,no regisers, no double entries, just one app to do your business.

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Advance Product Return Alert

Manage thousands of product bookings over spans of months in an instant without any double bookings or issues.

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Multi Staff Management

Business needs lots of staff and we have the solution to manage them all at once so they can do better work for your business.

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Product Life and status tracker

Product life , status , booking status, damages and all can be managed on the go for thousands at an instant.

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Double Booking prevention

just book as much as you can and it will never collapse with any other booking. Our double-bore engine will never let you down.

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Automatic Customer return whatsapp

Never worry about customer dress return calls, daily automated messages will be sent as per your wish.

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pricing for every business from starter business to a big warehouse with thousands of products.

Plan A

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  • unlimied products
  • return dashboard
  • booking whatsapp notification
  • Automated return whatsapp

Advance Plan

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  • All in Business Plan
  • 40000 booking per month
  • Product promotionn online
  • Social media promotion


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